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micro factory - the first fully automated, encapsulated and desktop sized SLA printer

Redefining MSLA
3D Printing

Safe, Efficient, and Fully Automated


MSLA 3D printing offers unparalleled precision and finish quality. Whether it’s detailed prototypes or intricate parts, MSLA printing delivers where other technologies fall short. But the advantages don’t stop there:

  1. MSLA printers can work with a wide range of materials, including specialized resins for engineering, dental, and medical applications.

  2. While SLA is known for its high resolution, MSLA takes it a step further by curing an entire layer of resin in one go. This makes MSLA faster than traditional SLA methods, especially for larger print jobs, without sacrificing quality.

  3. MSLA offers consistent and reliable results, making it ideal for production runs and professional applications.

fully automated MSLA 3D printing

fully automated MSLA 3D printed parts with micro factory

fully automated MSLA 3D printing

micro factory - printer rotation

Key Features

  • Our unique desktop-sized machine combines all three steps of the MSLA 3D printing process for the first time, offering unparalleled convenience and safety.

  • Beyond automation, our proprietary technology fully encloses the printing process, protecting you from harmful materials.

  • With closed-loop sensor monitoring, we ensure maximum process reliability.

  • With a machine prize of less than 30.000€ micro factory sets standards for affordable production setups.

Cloud Management & Automation

With micro factory, you’re not limited to a physical location.
Our Cloud-based platform enables you to manage print jobs from anywhere, at any time. Coupled with our full automation, you can set your projects and forget them, as our machine handles it all.

Endless Applications & Scalability

Our machine’s versatility serves various sectors – from dental practices to high-scale manufacturing. micro factory also isn’t just a one-off wonder. It’s designed for scalability. Build your own print farm and transition effortlessly from prototyping to mass production.


Behind every innovative product is an exceptional team. At micro factory, we take pride in being a group of passionate, creative, and committed experts working together to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing technology. Our diverse talents and backgrounds converge towards a shared vision: to develop advanced solutions that not only impress but also make a sustainable impact.

Get to know the people who are making our vision of a more efficient, precise, and accessible production world a reality.

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