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micro factory - the first fully automated, encapsulated and desktop sized SLA printer

About us

Get to know the people who are making our vision of
a more efficient, precise, and accessible
production world a reality.


Lara Eckert

Public Outreach

Simon Rost

Lead Software Developer

Dennis Illi

Lead Software Developer


Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel

Dr. Sascha Schwarz

Ursula Madeja-Stieren

Prof. Dr. Peter Mayr


Our story began in the collaborative environment of our university’s Creative Lab, where three students, Alex, Leo, and Max, discovered a shared passion for innovation. It was here, amidst the buzzing activity of fellow students, that we first encountered the world of SLA printing. But we quickly realized that something was amiss – the process was messy, unpredictable, and just not user-friendly.

Driven by a desire to improve this, we embarked on a journey in May 2022 to create a better 3D printer. We knew the road ahead would be challenging, but our determination was fueled by our belief in the potential of our idea.

Our adventure was supported by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), where we participated in various programs that helped shape our vision and strategy.

In November 2022, our efforts bore fruit when we won the Strascheg Award, a milestone that filled us with pride and encouragement. It was a sign that others believed in our vision too.

Recognizing the need to grow, in 2023 we welcomed Dennis and Simon, two talented programmers, and Lara, taking over public outreach, into our team. Their fresh perspectives and expertise added new dimensions to our project.

October 2023 marked another high point when we received funding from the prestigious “EXIST” program, a testament to the potential of our idea. But the real validation came at formnext 2023, where we presented our printer to the world. The positive feedback was more than just praise; it was a confirmation that we were on the right track.

Welcome to our journey; we’re just getting started.